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Ashley Lumpkin speaks and sings and defines what it means to love this world in the body she inabits. Her poems spill over with blood, truth, and music, and through both a contemporrary and historical lens. Lumpkin's voice is resolute and unwavering, a beacon, a salve, a light to this world. She carves these poems on our hearts. 

Praise for #AshleyLumpkin

"This collection is an open invitation to love yourself and others. It is a call to worship in the temple of hoesty, cleansing, and healing. This collection is an honest sharing of pain adn renewal. It is a reminder that in order to get through the storm, you must keep moving. Every poem in this collection is a love poem." - Inkera Oshun

"This collection of Ashley Lumpkin's work is stunning. Heart achingly beautiful. Honest and bold. Inspiring...if you believe in the power of words at all, this book should be in your collection." - Coen Crisp

"Ashley Lumpkin taught me to use poetry to speak the truth. This book is exactly what you need right now." - Christina Watkins



Second Glance
I Hate You All Equally.

"At Home and Abroad"

Performed at the 2015 Southern Fried Regional Finals


Performed at the 2018 Women of the World Finalss

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